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Whose World is the World

A set of twelve, three colour posters, produced for schools. The set depicts a different view of history and puts forward ways of understanding the basis for the development of Western economic power over the last 400 years. Produced in 1979.

Whose World is the World
Whose World

Once distributed by the ILEA, these posters are now distributed by the Institute for Race Relations


1.Pre colonial development    2.Latin America and the Spanish Conquest.     3.The Slave Triangle.     4.The West Indies and slave resistance.     5.India.

6.The Cotton Industry and working conditions.   7.The industrial crisis and imperialism.   8.The rise of fascism.   9.Post-war immigration to Britain.  

10.National Liberation struggles.   11.World resources and social change.   12.Whose tomorrow is tomorrow? Whose World is the World.

The Modern State

A set of posters attempting to analyse the political, economic and ideological conditions, which both preceded and gave rise to the Free Market capitalist system, quaintly known in the UK as Thatcherism. It refers to a form of capitalism with financial deregulation, privatisation and lower tax on high earners as a means to bring about a globalised, Neo-Feudal society. The disassemblage of strong Trade Unions was a precondition, as was a political police force and an ideological media. Produced in 1979.

The Modern State
The Modern State 2
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